iOS 15 will finally upgrade the way we print from our iPhones

iOS 15 will finally upgrade the way we print from our iPhones

What you need to know

  • Apple will update the print panel in iOS 15.
  • The whole interface has changed including, making options easier to access.

iOS 15 will ship this fall.

When Apple ships iOS 15 later this year we can all look forward to a new print panel that will change the game. So long as you’re still someone who prints, of course.

The iPhone print panel has been the same for as long as I can remember, but iOS 15 is changing everything up and putting options and multi-page print previews front and center, just waiting to be tapped. It’s a pretty dramatic change, but it’s easy to see why Apple didn’t make a big deal about it during the WWDC announcements on Monday.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith was the first to spy the changes.

Anyone printing from an iOS 15 iPhone will now immediately get the option to change various settings including orientation, media and quality, and more. A multi-page preview is visible and users can tap individual pages to mark them for printing. It might not sound much, but it’s a big improvement over what’s on offer today.

Apple’s iOS 15 update is available as a developer beta right now with a public beta kicking off next month. The update will be made available to everyone else this fall.

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