Leaked: iPod touch shell with 30-pin Dock Connector and iPhone 5 look

Leaked: iPod touch shell with 30-pin Dock Connector and iPhone 5 look

What you need to know

  • The shell of an unreleased iPod touch has appeared in new photos.
  • The device is said to be a fifth-gen iPod touch.

It’s like an iPhone 5 crossed with an iPod touch.

Apple designs all kinds of things that never get released and one of them appears to be an iPod touch that looked like an iPhone 5 – complete with chamfered edges.

Leaked by someone with a decent track record in the form of Twitter user Mr.White, the device doesn’t have an Apple logo on the back but it does have the telltale shape of one of the best-lookig iPhones ever – iPhone 5. Except this shell has a space for the larger-than-life 30-pin Dock Connector whereas iPhone 5 famously ushered in the Lightning connect we still use today.

The fifth-generation iPod touch we ultimately received arrived in 2012 and featured curved edges similar to those that ended up being part of the iPhone 6 design a couple years later.

As we reach the middle of 2021, the current iPod touch is almost a forgotten product. It hasn’t seen a refresh in more than two years and finding it on apple.com takes more than a few clicks. As Apple moves certain iPhones into cheaper and cheaper categories, the role of the humble iPod touch isn’t clear.

The current iPod touch 7 is still a good device for those who want to give juds a way to watch their shows, though. For everyone else, the best iPhone deals are a better option.

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