Netflix Confirms Not Charging Extra For Games

Netflix Confirms Not Charging Extra For Games


We’ve seen many signs of Netflix taking serious steps into the gaming space. From its hiring of Mike Verdu, formerly of Facebook, Zynga and EA, to hints of a PlayStation partnership in its iOS app. But the company has since made a firmer confirmation to its shareholders.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix says that it is not only expanding into games, but also will not charge users extra for the feature. The company says that its gaming efforts are building on its earlier efforts around interactivity, like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Netflix mutli device

That being said, Netflix didn’t elaborate on what its gaming plans actually are. The company does say that it will initially be focusing on games on mobile devices, which doesn’t really say much. Though from the mention of mobile games, there’s a chance that it will have something to do with the Stranger Things game that we last heard of in 2019.

The focus on mobile games is no surprise, considering the hiring of Mike Verdu. With that being said, it does set the tone as to what to expect from whatever games come with your Netflix subscription. After all, the mobile formula tends to come with a few common elements. Among them are the waiting simulators and egregious microtransactions, the latter of which may involve games of chance.

(Source: Netflix [PDF] via GameSpot)

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