Apple’s New iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Models Pack 120Hz Displays

Apple’s New iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max Models Pack 120Hz Displays

Apple today has also removed the drapes from its higher-end models of its next generation flagship smartphone series: the iPhone 13 Pro and the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max. Unlike the standard and mini variants that were launched prior to this, both models are offered with larger displays with high refresh rates, a faster version of the company’s A15 Bionic chip, three all-new rear cameras, and bigger internal storage options.

While their predecessors actually differ from each other in terms of internal hardware and performance, Apple has decided to streamline the specs for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max this time around. Specifically, the only major differences between the two are their display sizes and battery life expectancies, while other components and features are exactly the same across the board. Their designs are also identical, with both models sporting Ceramic Shield protection for their displays, flat edged aluminium frames, a triple rear camera setup, glass rear panel, and an IP68 rating for splash, water and dust resistance.

The Pro variant features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, while the Pro Max comes with a larger 6.7-inch version of the panel. Both of which support the company’s new ProMotion technology that supports variable refresh rates between 10Hz and 120Hz that are determined automatically in order to conserve battery life. Like the standard and mini models of the iPhone 13, the high-end duo also sports a smaller notch for the onboard TrueDepth system.

Powering both devices is Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip which offers faster processing speeds and graphics acceleration, as well as improved 5G connectivity support. The company says that the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery is capable of lasting 1.5 hours longer than last year’s model, while the Pro Max is able to overtake its predecessor by 2.5 hours more. Storage options for the two also saw a significant bump, with the lowest configuration starting at 128GB and the highest being a whopping 1TB.

Being the more premium iPhone 13 variants, both the Pro and Pro Max are equipped with three rear cameras with varying apertures and features, plus a LIDAR sensor. The main shooter is a 12MP f/1.5 wide sensor with sensor-shift and dual optical image stabilisation, while the ultra wide-angle is a 12MP f/1.8 with macro capability, and the telephoto is a 12MP f/2.8 with 3x optical zoom and dual optical image stabilisation. Housed within the notch on either device’s display is a 12MP f/2.2 front-facing camera with Face ID authentication capability.

Similar to the standard and mini variants, the high-end iPhone 13 models also come with the newly introduced Cinematic Mode. Other than that, first debuting on the Pro and Pro Max variants is Apple’s new Photographic Styles feature, which uses machine-learning to identify your preferred post-processing style and automatically applying it to your future shots. The company says the feature will eventually be made available to the baseline and mini versions of the iPhone 13 in a future iOS update.

Again, much like the two that were launched earlier, both high-end variants will be available for pre-order starting on 17 September 2021 and are set to be shipped out in the US on 24 September. The new iPhone 13 Pro will be sold at a starting price of US$999 (~RM4,157), while the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at US$1,099 (~RM4,574).

(Source: Apple [Newsroom])

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