Mous announces three new iPhone 13 cases following today’s big event

Mous announces three new iPhone 13 cases following today’s big event

What you need to know

Accessory maker Mous has announced three new cases for the new iPhone 13 lineup.
The new cases are priced from $54.99.

Complete with huge new camera cutout.

Following Apple’s announcement of the all-new iPhone 13 lineup, accessory maker Mous has announced products of its own. There are now iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases on offer.

Starting with the Mouse Limitless 4.0 case, starting at $59.99, buyers can protect their iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max in a variety of finishes.

The most sought-after case returns for the latest iPhone, merging absolute maximum protection and full compatibility with all MagSafe accessories and chargers. New features for 2021 include a gorgeous new pearl finish, as well as a raised ridge around the camera ensuring absolutely no damage to the iPhone lens. This is the thinnest Limitless case yet without sacrificing on protection, thanks to the innovative, impact-abosorbing AiroShock technology.

Next is the Mous Infinity, a $59.99 case that can be bought for all of Apple’s new iPhones. Note that prices start at $59.99 depending on which model you need.

A crystal-clear case expertly designed to withstand yellowing and UV damage, with a subtle pattern on the back to complement its MagSafe capabilities. Its sleek look does not detract from the protective nature of the case, which incorporates solidly rigid materials to prevent torsion on impact.  New features for 2021 include the raised ridge to protect that all-important camera lens on collision.

Finally, we have the Mous Clarity, ac ase that will sell for $54.99 depending on which iPhone 13 model you’re looking to protect.

Returning for the 2021 range is the ever-elegant Clarity case, perfect for showing off the new Apple phone with its crystal clear design. Just like the Infinity, this case has anti-yellowing UV-resistance built in to ensure it maintains its shine. The superior impact protection, courtesy of AiroShock technology, is enhanced by the black T.P.U frame for added grip, while Qi compatibility allows for efficient wireless charging.

All of the new iPhone 13 cases are available for order from the Mous website right now.

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