3D Printed Scooter Zips Around

3D Printed Scooter Zips Around

Tooling around downtown on a personal electric vehicle is a lot of fun, but it is even better when you do like [James Dietz] and ride on your own 3D-printed electric scooter. As one of the entries for the Hackaday Prize, RepRaTS (Replicable Rapid prototyper Transportation System) has a goal of doing for scooters what the original RepRap project did for 3D printing: provide a user-friendly design base that you can extend, modify, and maintain. It doesn’t even require power tools to build, other than, of course, your 3D printer.

The design uses threaded rods and special plastic spacers made to hold a large load. The prototype is deliberately oversized with large hub motors, with the understanding that most builds will probably be smaller. As you can see in the video below, the scooter seems to go pretty fast and handles well.

[James] warns that the scooter is not yet safe to use. There are a number of battery mounting and safety issues that need to be repaired. We’re looking forward to seeing the final versions.

The 3D printed parts are all in PETG with 0.8mm nozzle and 0.4 mm layer height. The infill is a rather modest 30% grid and no supports are needed. Tensioning the threaded rod is critical and there are specific instructions about both the torquing and gluing steps required.

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