Battlefield 2042 May Be In For A Delay

Battlefield 2042 May Be In For A Delay

Electronic Arts has pegged its upcoming Battlefield 2042 for release on 22 October. But it look like the game may get delayed by about a month. At least, if the latest Twitter chatter is to be believed.

GamesBeat writer Jeff Grubb said there will be a “singular delay”, which suggests one game will be hit by it. That being said, Grubb did not specify which game it was, or any other details beyond that. But according to video games leaker Tom Henderson, this may very well be EA’s Battlefield 2042.

I’ll add that I’m actually referring to a singular delay.

— Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) September 15, 2021

More specifically, Battlefield 2042 may get delayed by a few weeks, but it won’t be stretched into multiple months. Currently, Henderson claims that the publisher is looking to push the release of the game back to late November. It’s a popular window for games to be released in after all, so it’s not too surprising.

#BATTLEFIELD2042 Delay Update:

To be delayed by several weeks and not months which conflicts with the other rumors, but it’s what I’ve heard.

Late Nov 2021 is currently flying around.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) September 15, 2021

Though with the game getting delayed, it doesn’t look like the promised beta will be affected. Henderson claims in a follow-up tweet that the beta will stay in its rumoured 22 September start date. That being said, EA has as of yet said nothing about the Battlefield 2042 beta beyond a September window.

(Source: Jeff Grubb, Tom Henderson via VGC)

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