Do I have to buy a new case for the latest iPad?

Do I have to buy a new case for the latest iPad?

Best answer: No, you won’t need a new case for the iPad 9 (2021) if you already have an iPad 8 (2020) or iPad 7 (2019) case. However, if you have an iPad 6 (2018) or older case, you will need to buy a new one for the iPad 9.

Tell me more about the new iPad

The ninth-generation iPad was announced at the September Apple Event. The new base model iPad is the perfect entry-level device. It has a new A13 chip for up to 20% faster processing than the previous A12 chip. The improved camera has improved autofocus and works better in low light. A 12MP front-facing camera is ideal for better selfies as well as remote learning and video chatting.

The new display has True Tone and supports more accessories, including the Apple Pencil and Apple’s Smart Keyboard. However, the low price point remains the same at just $329 to start. The iPad is frequently used by children and in classrooms (both in-person and remote); the education discount goes for just $299.

Three latest models are the same size

The iPad 9 has the same dimensions as the iPad 8 and iPad 7: 9.8-by-6.8-by-0.29 inches or 250.6-by-174.1-by-7.5 millimeters. The display is also the same size: 10.2 inches (diagonal). This means that the cases for all three of the latest iPad models are interchangeable. However, if you have an earlier iPad model, or an iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad mini case, you’ll need to buy a new one.

The exception would be for a partial case, like Apple’s Smart Cover, which only covers the front of the iPad; that one will fit the Pad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Air (3rd generation) as well as the three latest iPad models. Of course, a sleeve also works for many different iPad models as well.

Any case suggestions?

We’ll be working on some new case roundups in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime, you can pick up one of the best iPad (2020) cases or best iPad 10.2-inch cases as they are all interchangeable.

The latest iPad

iPad 9 (2021)

From $329 at Amazon

From $329 at Apple

Same size but better

The newest 10.2-inch iPad is better than ever with a faster processor, more advanced camera, and True Tone display.

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