Telegram Adds Chat Themes, Interactive Emojis, And More Via New Update

Telegram Adds Chat Themes, Interactive Emojis, And More Via New Update

Telegram has released four new additions to its private messaging platform via the latest 8.0.1 update for its mobile app. Newly included are new Chat Themes, detailed read receipts for group chats, interactive emojis, as well as the ability for channel admins to record live streams and video chats.

The new Chat Themes allows you to customise individual chats with eight different visual options that each feature their own patterned backgrounds and colours for message bubbles and buttons. The current number of available themes are somewhat limited, but Telegram says that more will be making their way to the platform in the near future. It is not known whether a group chat version of this feature is in the works.

To set a theme on Android; enter an existing individual chat, tap on the “three dots” button to bring out the pull down menu, select Change Colors, and then pick your preferred look. For the iOS version of Telegram, first enter an individual chat, tap on its header to bring out the detailed view, tap on the “three dots” button, and then select Change Colors.

The second new addition is a revamp of the app’s read receipts for group chats. This time around, messages sent will be marked as “read” as soon as at least one member has seen it – as opposed to the previous version where it will only be labeled as such when all members of the channel have read it. In addition, you can also long-press on your sent message to see which group member has seen it.

Next up are new interactive emojis, which provides a full-screen effect if viewed by the sender and receiver at the same time. Lastly is the ability that lets channel admins record videos or audio during live streams and video calls. These will be instantly uploaded to their Saved Messages folder once the recording has ended.

Make sure to update your Telegram app to the latest version if you wish to try out these new features. The new 8.0.1 update is available now on Android and iOS via their respective app stores. 

(Source: Telegram [Official blog])

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