Leaked images of HTC’s rumoured Vive Flow shows features, pricing and more

Leaked images of HTC’s rumoured Vive Flow shows features, pricing and more

HTC’s upcoming virtual reality headset, rumoured to be called the Vive Flow, has leaked in a variety of images shared by the prolific Evan Blass. 

The Vive Flow is reportedly a lightweight headset developed for consumers and is described as an all-in-one VR headset, which means it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC or a phone.

This device is primarily positioned as a media consumption device that offers only some casual gaming. The device is also poised to launch without any handheld controllers and is to be less powerful than the Oculus Quest 2, according to a source that spoke with Protocol.

Additionally, the headset is supposed to feature six degrees of freedom tracking, which means that it should be even more immersive than Facebook’s old Oculus Go device.

The images shared by Blass also reveal that the headset will offer a dual-hinge so that it can fit the heads of most people as well as a snap-on face cushion, adjustable lenses, active cooling system and immersive spatial audio.  Additionally, it will be able to connect with your phone via Bluetooth and work as a VR controller, and offers phone to VR streaming via Miracast.

Blass’ tweet also indicates that pre-orders start October 15th and shipments commence early November. Additionally, it’ll cost $499 USD ($620 CAD), come with seven “free VR contents” (unclear what that is) and comes with a carrying case if you pre-order.

Image Credit: Evan Blass 

Source: Evan Blass, Protocol

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