Samsung Announces Unpacked Part 2 For 20 October

Samsung Announces Unpacked Part 2 For 20 October

Samsung has had a lot of Unpacked events this year. And it looks like the Korean tech giant has another one lined up this month. And it has the event scheduled in a pretty busy part of the month at that.

The company has a teaser for the event, which doesn’t say much. One could hazard a guess that this edition of the Samsung Unpacked will have its focus on the software side of things, since the teaser shows the company’s software icons getting packed, as it were. Then there’s mention of “new experiences for self-expression through technology”. This likely has something to do with One UI 4 that’s tied to Android 12.

Considering the theme of this Samsung Unpacked is software, it’s probably unlikely that we will get to see any new hardware. The only likely one left is the Galaxy S21 FE, the subject of many previous reports, some of which are conflicting.

As mentioned, the Samsung Unpacked event has been scheduled at a very busy part of October. Apple has an event lined up just around two days before, and in between those two is one for the Google Pixel 6. Technically Google and Samsung will have their events on the same day for us, once timezones are taken into account.

(Source: Samsung. Image: The Verge)

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