Astropad’s Luna Display now supports Windows Pcs/laptops

Astropad’s Luna Display now supports Windows Pcs/laptops

Starting today, Astropad’s Luna Display will allow you to turn your iPad into a secondary touch screen display for windows laptops/PCs.

Initially, the Luna Display connected to an Apple computer’s USB port exclusively and transmitted data to an iPad, allowing it to function as a secondary display. Gowever, after Apple launched the functionality as its own via Sidecar, Astropad had to adapt.

Now, thanks to Luna Display update 5.0, the secondary screen can stream content from a Windows machine.

Unlike other screen-doubling apps, which depend solely on software, the Luna Display dongle gains direct access to your computer’s hardware, allowing it to maintain latency as low as 16ms. Support for Windows PCs is expected to be the same as it has been for Macs, with a simple setup, complete support for touch gestures, and the iPad’s Apple Pencil capabilities.

According to a report by Forbes, the Luna Display can also connect over a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, however not without slight lag.

The Luna Display is available to order from Astropad’s website in three variants:
USB-C display for Mac and PC: $129.99 (roughly $161.67)
Mini Display Port for Mac: $129.99 (roughly $161.67)
HDMI display for PC: $129.99 (roughly $161.67)
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