The HTC VIVE Flow is the VR headset that can improve productivity and help you relax

The HTC VIVE Flow is the VR headset that can improve productivity and help you relax

Today HTC held its HTC VIVE Live Event (2021) and has officially announced a new HTC VIVE Flow. The VIVE Flow seems to have a focus this year on mental health and well-being, including the ability to connect with others in new and exciting ways. It will also be easier to wear and transport, allowing you to use it more consistently and not just while at home. The HTC VIVE Flow also comes with a wide field of view (FOV) of up to 100-degrees and 3.2K resolution. The display supports a fluid 75 Hz refresh rate. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features mentioned during today’s announcement.

HTC’s VIVE Flow comes with its own carrying case

Enhance mental health and well-being

HTC says the new HTC VIVE Flow will help provide more efficacious ways to focus, relax, and escape. There will be games and other immersive activities to assist with meditation and relaxing. Virtual walks through nature and intriguing destinations, for example, offer opportunities to reset. According to HTC, the device can even help you sleep better by allowing you to wind down more easily.

Vibe Sync virtual workspaces

Using a feature called Vibe Sync you’ll be able to enter virtual lo-fi workspaces; distraction-free environments where you can work more productively or simply relax. This is a pretty cool feature for those who can’t find an effective place to focus or get a few minutes of “me” time. Goodbye, noisy neighbors, I’m going to my private beach office for the day!

The official HTC VIVE Flow announcement event

Better focusing and portability

Weighing in at less than 1 lb, the VIVE Flow will also be more travel-friendly and come with a carrying case. This way, you can take it on the go with you. HTC wants you to be able to benefit from its health and relaxation capabilities no matter where you are. Also mentioned is the ability to adjust diopter lenses so that you can find a visual focus range that’s perfect for you.

HTC VIVE Flow will help you relax and escape

Plenty of quality-of-life improvements

It looks like HTC is seeking to make VR more accessible and user-friendly than before, bringing plenty of quality of life improvements to their headset. Features like the ability to use your phone as a VR controller and a more comfortable design may indeed go a long way for consumers. We’re very interested to see how this device pans out. The ability to use VR to escape and relax is something many can appreciate. It will be a gadget particularly welcome after a busy, stressful workday.

The HTC VIVE Flow is available for pre-order from the official website for $499.

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