These Apple Watch Series 7 photos will make you ditch that Series 6

These Apple Watch Series 7 photos will make you ditch that Series 6

What you need to know

Apple Watch Series 7 goes on sale tomorrow but some people already have one.
Some photos show the difference between the old displays and the new ones is bigger than we might have thought.

Maybe this is a bigger upgrade than we realized.

With Apple Watch Series 7 set to go on sale tomorrow, we know that some people already have them on their wrists. While early reviews have been solid, most say that the upgrade from an Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t one people should bother with. Some new photos might change some minds.

Apple’s new watches increase their case size from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm. That also means that the displays have grown, too. Apple has re-jigged the bezels to give us more screen real estate and while some reviews say the difference is minimal, some photos appearing online seem to show the opposite. Some photos make the difference look like night and day.

Check them out!

It’s hard to explain how different it feels looking down at the #applewatchseries7 compared to 6 – larger yes but also flatter

— Carolina Milanesi (She/Her) (@caro_milanesi) October 13, 2021

Apple Watch Nike Series 7 – 41 mm
(Thanks to an anonymous friend of mine😁)

— domenico panacea (@domenicopanacea) October 14, 2021

Pretty impressive, right?

All of those shots appear to be comparing a 40mm watch with a 41mm model, but you can expect similar increases moving from 44mm to 45mm, too.

These new watches are set to be the best Apple Watches Apple has ever made, even without the increased display size. Improved battery charging speeds and tougher screens are decent upgrades on their own. But it’s the larger display that stands out the most — and now I can’t wait to test one of these things out for myself tomorrow!

Happy Apple Watch Series 7 day-1, people!

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