VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bikes now support Apple’s Find My network

VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bikes now support Apple’s Find My network

VanMoof is one of three companies to support the Find My network at launch.

What you need to know

  • VanMoof has added Find My support to its e-bikes.
  • All S3 and X3 models sold starting today will support the new location service.

Today, Apple announced that the Find My app will finally track third-party products that integrate with Apple’s Find My network. One of the first products that will add support for Find My is VanMoof, an electric bike company.

The company announced support for Find My with its S3 and X3 e-bikes earlier today. The company says that any bikes ordered from today will come with support built-in. With the feature, VanMoof owners will be able to use the Find My app to locate their bike using Apple’s private Find My network which uses hundreds of millions of Apple devices to help people locate their lost items.

This integration with Apple’s Find My app fits seamlessly into VanMoof’s vision of the future – and as you might expect, it’s one with plenty more bikes. “We’re ushering the future of cycling into the present day,” says Ties Carlier, co-founder of VanMoof. “In the near future, when bikes are the primary mode of transportation in cities, this will come in handy as it gives riders around the world peace of mind they’ll be able to swiftly locate their ride.” With the new Items tab in the Find My app, you can now locate your bike on a map from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Carlier says that the company’s in-house developers made it possible for VanMoof to be one of the first companies to support the new Find My network accessory program.

“We’re always striving to provide the very best end-to-end experience for our riders and we’re so proud to introduce our Find My-enabled bikes as one of the first brands to join the Find My network accessory program, an achievement made possible by our talented in-house developers. It was an exciting opportunity that opens up new possibilities and ease of use for our riders worldwide.”

If your bike is ever misplaced, you can use the Find My app to mark it as such. If you’re looking for it, you can remotely trigger a sound to play on it. If it is lost completely, you can put it in Lost Mode and the Find My network will help track it down.

If a lost VanMoof S3 or X3 is located, someone can use the Find My app on any iPhone to identify it and be taken to a website that will display the owner’s message and contact information. And turning on ‘Notify when found’ will notify you when the Find My network has located your VanMoof, then provide that location on a map in the Find My app.

The new version of the VanMoof S3 and X3 are available now for $1998 directly from VanMoof.

VanMoof S3

$1998 at VanMoof

The latest version of VanMoof’s S3 e-bike is one of the first products to support Apple’s Find My network.

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