Heart-warming video of tudung-clad woman rescuing dog

PETALING JAYA: A woman with a heart of gold.

Rescuing a dumped dog that was bundled in a sack and left to die, she cried on seeing the parched animal relieved to be saved in the nick of time.

Who is this unidentified woman?

In two heart-warming videos posted in Facebook by the Malaysian Animal Association (Animal Malaysia), an animal rights non-governmental organisation (NGO) today showed how this woman rescues a black dog packed in a white sack and garbage bag and tied with a rope.

The woman, who wore a tudung, approaches the bag and squats to undo the rope to free the animal with her gloved hands.

On opening the bag, the woman is shocked to see the anxious but calm dog looking dehydrated.

Saddened by the sight, she breaks down in tears while her friend who captures the scene on video consoles her.

In text messages on the video, the woman says: “I found this creature of Allah. Someone wanted to throw it away and tied the dog’s neck and put it in a sack. I offered to take this dog and leave it at a workshop at my workplace. My heart breaks to see it dehydrated. Maybe because of the choking on its neck with the rope. I panicked and gave it water to drink. It was already gasping for breath at the time. Its a very good dog. It did not retaliate and was calm. I hope it becomes active and healthy again. Let us not be cruel to animals as they too are creatures of Allah on the face of this earth.”

While the location of where the case occurred is yet to be known, Animal Malaysia has called on the public to alert it on the whereabouts and identity of the woman as it intends to present her with a token of appreciation.

The NGO lashed out at the person who dumped the animal in such a cruel manner calling him or her “heartless”.

It also urged those who witness such acts to record it on video and take down details such as the registration plate of the vehicle of the offender before reporting the matter to the authorities.

“Do not allow such wicked people to live freely. Such cruel people should be thrown into jail,“ said Animal Malaysia

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