Prioritise first dose of vaccines, govt urged

Prioritise first dose of vaccines, govt urged

PETALING JAYA: The government has been asked to prioritise the injection of one dose of vaccine to Malaysians to increase the number of vaccine recipients.

Making this call, the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) said this is appropriate due to the limited vaccine supply and more stocks are only expected to arrive in July.

“Data from a large-scale study in the United Kingdom showed protection was very satisfactory with the first dose of at least 70%,” its head of Health Bureau, Dr. Zafri Ismadi Mohd Anis said today.

“Also the risk of hospitalization is reduced by up to 85% and the risk of death by up to 80%.

“The act of giving the first dose first is important as the number of deaths due to this pandemic is increasing. The intensive care units (ICUs), hospitals and quarantine centres are also overcrowded.”

Study found that protection could still last for 12 weeks from the first injection, he pointed out.

Zafri said It should be noted this step is not to negate the need for a second dose. The second dose still needs to be given for protection to reach over 90%.

Abim also urged the government to expand the Vaccination Centre (PPV) to increase comprehensive vaccine access.

“The government’s efforts to involve Institutes of Higher Learning (IPTs) and private clinics are very welcome,” Zafri said.

“Their location closer to the community allows people to have easier access to vaccines. Most private clinics already have the basic equipment for vaccination.

“The drive-by vaccination technique introduced can also be repeated in other locations throughout the country.”

He expressed hope that the government will facilitate and not make it difficult so that the vaccination process can take place without bureaucratic problems.

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