This furry friend is coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop today!

This furry friend is coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop today!

But can he play Bubblegum K.K.?

What you need to know

  • Build-A-Bear Worshop allows parents and children to create their own stuffed toys.
  • Nintendo has collaborated with Build-A-Bear Workshop to allow fans to create their own Animal Crossing plushies.
  • The first two characters available were Tom Nook and Isabelle, with K.K. Slider being available in the U.S. from today.

Nintendo has been collaborating with Build-A-Bear Workshop to release Animal Crossing themed plushies. The initial release offered Animal Crossing: New Horizons Isabelle and Tom Nook as buildable characters, and was received with quieter fanfare and some disappointment from fans who thought that they’d be able to create their favourite villagers.

However, Build-A-Bear has announced that a new NPC character from the Animal Crossing franchise, K.K. Slider. He’s a dog who loves to play songs on his guitar, inspired by series composer Kazumi Totaka. K.K. loves to travel, and visits your Animal Crossing town every Saturday to strum some tunes. If you’re a fan, you can now hang out with him every day!

K.K. Slider fans outside of the United States are out of luck, unfortunately, as the newest entry in the Animal Crossing Build-A-Bears is exclusive to the United States. It’s also only available for purchase online, presumably due to the on-going pandemic. It’s still unknown whether villagers will be available for purchase from Build-A-Bear as opposed to only NPCs, but we|ll be sure to update you if more characters become available.

Have you already bought a character in the Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear series? Let us know in the comments!

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