Years after Tweetie did it, Safari is getting ‘Pull to Refresh’ in iOS 15

Years after Tweetie did it, Safari is getting ‘Pull to Refresh’ in iOS 15

What you need to know

  • Safari will support Pull to Refresh in iOS 15.
  • iOS 15 will be available later this fall.

Who doesn’t miss Tweetie?

It’s 13 years after Tweetie, a Twitter app for iPhone, brought us Pull to Refresh, and soon we’ll be doing it in Safari, too. Apple will add the feature with the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 later this year.

The feature’s appearance comes as Apple continues to re-work the way Safari looks and behaves on its mobile devices. Part of that involves moving the nav bar to the bottom of the screen. That nav bar now floats, too, which meant Apple needed to move the reload button behind another screen tap that opens a menu. As a result, a quicker way to refresh was needed – and Pull to Refresh is it.

Apple announced iOS 15 during its WWDC opening keynote but didn’t mention the Pull to Refresh addition. It isn’t high on the list of changes that are coming as part of the release, but it is one that people will likely use a ton over the coming year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to reminisce about Tweetie and the magic created by Loren Brichter.

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