This big BBEdit 14 update could make it the ultimate note-taker for Mac

This big BBEdit 14 update could make it the ultimate note-taker for Mac

What you need to know

  • BBEdit 14 is now available for download and it includes some important new features.
  • People who used BBEdit as a note-taking app now have features specifically designed for the task.

One of the best text editors around just got even better.

Fans of the BBEdit text editor from Bare Bones Software have a big new update to enjoy, with version 14 now available for download. The improvements are many and varied, but the new Notes feature is arguably the biggest one for a ton of people.

Designed for editing text of all kinds, many people use BBEdit as a plain text notes app. But it wasn’t ever really designed for that — until now. A new Notes feature helps note-takers quickly create new files with the app also automatically adding a title to avoid the dreaded collection of “untitled text” files.

Notes – We know that many of our customers create a lot of untitled documents for quick note-taking, and rely on BBEdit’s legendary stability and robust crash recovery to protect their work. We’ve added a new “Notes” feature in BBEdit 14, which provides a large variety of ways to create notes that automatically save themselves, and, perhaps more important, automatically title themselves so that you don’t end up wondering which of your 305 “untitled text” documents is the one you’re looking for.

There’s more too, of course. Enhanced developer features have been added for those who use BBEdit to write code, while new built-in languages include syntax coloring for Go, R, Rust, Lisp-family languages (Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure), and Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) text files.

You can check out the ldetailed change notes for the full rundown of what’s gone into BBEdit 14, and the app can be downloaded now. There’s a free 30-day trial for those who want to take the app for a spin, too.

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