Partying cops arrested by Bukit Aman team

Partying cops arrested by Bukit Aman team

KUALA LUMPUR: While their colleagues were out in the field busy enforcing the movement control order (MCO), four policemen were engrossed in a wild party they blatantly held at a police station under Kajang police on Tuesday evening.

Consuming alcohol and ketum leaf drinks, they turned a room at the station into a dance club complete with a karaoke system and illuminated with disco lights.

They also roped in four women aged between 21 and 37 to join in the fun.

Sources said as they danced and sang in the wild party, a team from the federal police integrity and standard compliance department (JIPS) arrived at the station and headed straight to the locked room on the first floor where they witnessed their colleagues singing and dancing away.

The team identified itself and raided the place, arresting the four policemen comprising the officer-in-charge of the police station and three corporals aged between 33 and 55.

Also nabbed were the four women who were with them.

The raiding party recovered several bottles of whisky and ketum leaf drinks in the room.

They also seized a set of disco lights, microphones, a TV and a karaoke system

A policeman was also found to be in possession of pornographic material in his cellphone.

Besides breaching the MCO, the policemen are being investigated under the Poison Act for possession of the ketum drink and pornography.

It is learnt that they will also face severe disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the police force.

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