Experts: Seize momentum to convince the unsure

Experts: Seize momentum to convince the unsure

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is on a roll. Despite a slow start to its vaccine programme, the country has managed to achieve and surpass daily vaccination targets in recent weeks, making it one of the countries with the fastest vaccination rates.

As more people get vaccinated we are also inching closer to a reckoning, with the vaccinated on one side and the unvaccinated on the other, comprising those unable to overcome barriers to the vaccination programme, as well as those who are hesitant about it and those who are against it.

The government has already taken steps to improve people’s access to vaccines and by all indicators, Malaysia will likely meet its 40 percent fully vaccinated adults target by the end of August. What is left to tackle is the vaccine-hesitant group and figuring out how to get them to play ball.

The answer, experts say, is to go full throttle. Strike while the iron is hot and grab those who can still be convinced to get their shot.

The situation today is a far cry from the situation two months ago. -Bernama

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