PS5 Owners Get 6 Months Of Apple TV Plus For Free

PS5 Owners Get 6 Months Of Apple TV Plus For Free

Apple TV Plus PS5

Apple TV Plus and the PS5 make for strange partners. But that’s what’s happening, the two companies are giving six months subscription of the service for free to owners of the console.

All you have to do is to download the Apple TV app onto your PS5, then sign into your Apple ID from there. Naturally you’ll also need to be signed into your PSN account. And that’s all there is to claiming your free six months subscription to the service. Fortunately, Malaysia is in the list of countries that can benefit from this offer.

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Interestingly, this free six months of Apple TV Plus subscription has a very low barrier of eligibility. You can claim it even if you’re using the free trial, or are already subscribed. The only exception is if your subscription comes as part of a package, like Apple One. And of course, you can only redeem it using a PS5. Which one doesn’t matter, as the offer doesn’t discriminate between disc and digital editions.

If you’re a PS5 owner, then this is nothing but a good deal. Apple TV Plus does have some quite highly regarded shows, many of which are exclusive to it. Of course, the problem is getting the console in the first place.

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