Nomad unveils vertical version of its iPhone 12 MagSafe stand

Nomad unveils vertical version of its iPhone 12 MagSafe stand

The new vertical stand can charge your iPhone vertically or horizontally…

What you need to know

Nomad is back with another MagSafe charger for iPhone 12.
It’s a new vertical version of its MagSafe charger released earlier this year.

Nomad has today unveiled a brand new Magsafe Mount Stand for iPhone 12, a vertical version of its MagSafe Mount unveiled in April.

The new MagSafe Mount is a vertical mount for your iPhone’s Magsafe charger and cable, that lets you prop up your iPhone and charge it in either portrait or landscape mode, making it perfect for a desk or nightstand.

The stand has a weighted design and microsuction to keep your phone in place whilst it charges, and a rubber foot to keep the stand itself in place. The new charger is launching today, August 3, alongside Nomad’s previously-announced MagSafe Mount. From that report:

Nomad, the maker of premium accessories for all kinds of Apple products, has launched a new mount that aims to make it easier when using Apple’s new MagSafe Charger for the iPhone 12 lineup.
Nomad’s MagSafe Mount aims to change that. The mount is made out of stainless steel body that, because of its weight, anchors your MagSafe Charger to your desk. In other words, your charger won’t cling to your iPhone when you pick it up anymore. The mount is made out of a painted satin finish to look very premium on your desk setup.

The Mount range is designed to let you safely and easily lift your iPhone off your MagSafe charger for a smoother dismount.

The new vertical mount costs $59.95, whilst the original MagSafe mount is available for $50. Remember, this doesn’t come with Apple’s MagSafe charger, which you can find in our list of Best MagSafe chargers 2021.

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