MEF calls for full reopening of corporate offices

MEF calls for full reopening of corporate offices

PETALING JAYA: Restrictions imposed on corporate offices to remain closed are hampering overall business recovery efforts, Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) president Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman said today.

“We received feedback from our members questioning the rationale for their corporate offices to remain closed when the factory offices were allowed to open,” he said in a statement today.

“Many employers were perplexed by this situation as major decisions are made at the management level and not at the production sites.”

The operations effectiveness is lost should the corporate offices be required to remain closed, he said.

“Without the corporate office running, the decisions were being made remotely and this creates a lot of confusion in operations and management.

“There are many decisions that the operations or factories cannot make as it has to follow the strategic decision of the company.

“For example, all key decisions including Finance and IT are based in the headquarters. We need both hands on deck to make things work,” he added.

Syed Hussain said there were still much confusion over the SOP that was hindering industry efforts to rebuild business.

“Incomplete policies would only create unwanted stress in the management of our operations,” he said.

“Therefore, for efficient and productive management, we need to ensure that decision makers are back at work in the office.

“We would like to propose to the authorities that employees who has had two doses of the vaccine be allowed to return to the office to work.

“Employers should also be allowed to self-manage the Covid situation at the workplace following the SOP.”

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