This durable cargo net secures your load thanks to its integrated ripstop mesh

This durable cargo net secures your load thanks to its integrated ripstop mesh

Keep your haul secure while you drive with the Gladiator Cargo Net vehicle restraint system. This durable cargo net is heavy-duty and versatile thanks to its industrial caliber rip-stop mesh. In fact, you can use it to contain short, tall, and oddly-shaped loads.

Gladiator Cargo Net on trucks

Plan on hauling a load of firewood across the state? Or what if you’re transporting the tools of your trade on an open-bed truck? You’ll have to secure your gear, and the Gladiator Cargo Net is a great way to do that. With its commercial-grade ripstop mesh and array of attachment points, this durable cargo net is convenient for your cargo needs. Let’s have a look at it.

Gladiator Cargo Net in a video

Check out the integrated ripstop mesh

If you want to avoid steep fines for cargo coming loose on the road, you need to secure it. And a great way to do that is to go for a durable cargo net, like the Gladiator Cargo Net. It features integrated ripstop mesh and is smooth on one side to prevent snags and keep smaller items from moving.

Moreover, this material is industrial-grade. According to the company, this means that even if it tears, the rip won’t get any bigger. That’s because each mesh thread is made up of thousands of smaller ones. Meanwhile, each thread has a coating that increases its strength.

Gladiator Cargo Net on a truck

Feel confident with the strong, weatherproofed webbing

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your gear getting wet in a rainstorm if you cover it with this durable cargo net. That’s because the Gladiator Cargo Net features weatherproof 1.5″ webbing to keep your gear dry.

What’s more, this webbing is reinforced with three layers. This keeps the webbing durable and strong. So with the ripstop mesh and the reinforced webbing, this is a product that can stand up to even commercial use.

Secure your load, better

Moreover, this durable cargo net has multiple grommet attachment points around its perimeter. These allow you to make larger loads more compact. They also provide tighter angles for oddly-shaped loads for, say, that treadmill you’re transporting to your friend’s house. The grommets also allow you to secure what you’re carrying at multiple points, increasing security.

Attach it with 4 straps

And as far as attaching the Gladiator Cargo Net goes, it comes with four hardware straps. You’ll also be happy to know that hardware hooks have a rubber coating, preventing them from scratching your vehicle. The straps are 1.5 inches thick and extend from 9 inches all the way to 12 feet. So they allow you to cover quite a range of loads.

Make your coverage larger or smaller

Additionally, since the straps are so flexible and there is quite an array of attachment points, you have the ability to adjust the coverage. So whether you want to secure small items like your fishing equipment or need to transport tools and ladders to a building site, this net can adapt to suit your needs.

Keep your cargo safe

Tired of arriving at a drop-off point with broken products or at a hunting site with damaged gear? Well, you can minimize that concern with the Gladiator Cargo Net. Since these nets distribute a load over a large surface, you lower the risk of broken cargo.

Store it safely in the included storage bag

After you’re done using this durable cargo net, you won’t have to stuff in the cabin of your truck or leave it to roll around on the truck bed. In fact, this net comes with its own heavy-duty storage bag. So once you’re done with your route, all you have to do is wrap up the net and put it into the bag. The process is fast, and one person can fold it on their own.

Get long use out of this truck accessory

Do your cargo nets tend to rip and wear down after only a couple of seasons of use? That won’t happen with this durable cargo net. Thanks to its industrial level quality and the fact that it doesn’t tangle, you can expect years of intense use and peace of mind from this cargo restraint system.

The Gladiator Cargo Net is a great way to keep your cargo safe. Its strong material is industrial grade and weatherproof. Plus, it’s versatile and easy to use. Even better, this net is used by the DOT and is NACSS approved, so you can be sure about its quality. If you want to use your truck with the stress, this is the gadget for you.

The Gladiator Cargo Net vehicle restraint system starts at $155, and you can get it on the official website. What are your favorite gadgets for your truck? Let us know about them in the comments.

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