Nvidia Says GeForce Now List Includes Speculative Titles

Nvidia Says GeForce Now List Includes Speculative Titles

Very recently, developer Ighor July published a list of games found in what was essentially a datamine of the Nvidia GeForce Now service. And in it was a massive list of 18000 software titles, including some very improbably ones like the PS4 exclusive God of War, but for Steam. Nvidia has since responded to the list, which is basically saying to some of the listed items don’t actually exist.

In a statement to Wccftech, an Nvidia spokesperson said that the company is aware of the list. But more importantly, the spokesperson says that the list contains “both released and speculative titles used only for internal tracking and testing”. And with that, having a game name listed is “neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game”.

The spokesperson also said that the company has removed access to the list, and that no confidential game builds or personal information were exposed. On the former point, while it’s the natural thing to do, the list has already spread to multiple corners of the internet.

All in all, the Nvidia statement pretty much confirmed that the list was nothing to get really excited about. And the writing was pretty much on the wall thanks to the presence of not only the non-game software, but also an emulator, something which most game publishers have an unfriendly if not hostile attitude towards.

(Source: Wccftech. Image: Nvidia)

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