Macro videography on the iPhone 13 Pro is quite impressive

Macro videography on the iPhone 13 Pro is quite impressive

Sure it’s great at taking close-up photos, but don’t forget it does video as well.

We’re now just a little over two weeks on from the big iPhone 13 release, and as the dust settles on a launch that had its fair share of bug-related problems, there is one thing that has been universally well-received — macro mode. Taking close-up photos of things using the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ultrawide camera is great fun, and the results speak for themselves. But don’t forget that camera can take macro videos, too.

I’ve seen a ton of people talking about and sharing macro photos, usually of someone’s eyeball or a dog’s nose. But I’ve seen very little talk of what I think could be the best part of all of this — taking some close-up video of pretty much anything. And then Apple dropped a video of a caterpillar, and I was reminded just how awesome macro videography could be.

But of course, Apple isn’t the only one that’s sharing this stuff. YouTube is full of people talking about macro photography, but finding people talking about the video side of things is a little more difficult.

Exhibit A)

And Exhibit B)

Just look at some of those sweeping shots!

It’s something that a suspect a lot of people are forgetting is even possible thanks to Apple’s marketing very much focusing — pin semi-intended — on still macro photography. But I’d wager that the macro videography chops of the latest flagships are what makes them the best iPhones for videographers right now. And that’s before we get into the ProRes stuff that’s coming in a future iOS update, too.

Keen to get started? We’ve covered how to use macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro before, and the steps are, of course, the same for iPhone 13 Pro Max, too. Just get within a couple of centimeters, and you’re good to go.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what kinds of content people create with macro mode — it’s yet another iPhone gamechanger. Except for this time, people seem to have forgotten all about it!

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