Samsung announces another Unpacked event for October 20

Samsung announces another Unpacked event for October 20

In what seems like a concerted effort on the part of tech giants to ensure next week will forever be remembered as one of the most exhausting weeks in tech blogging history, Samsung has confirmed that it’s holding an event on October 20th at 10am.

For those keeping track, Apple’s event is on Monday, Google’s event is on Tuesday and now, we have Samsung’s Unpacked Part 2.

It’s unclear when the event will take place, with Samsung only stating that it features “self-expression through technology. A teaser image for the event features Samsung’s Health and SmartThings icons as well as several coloured boxes.

Leaks suggest we might see the often-rumoured Galaxy S21 FE at the event or possible new mid-range devices. That said, there are rumours that Samsung has cancelled the S21 FE entirely due to chip shortages.

There’s also a possibility the stream could be entirely focused on software, including One UI 4.0/Android 12 and the South Korean tech giant’s broader app ecosystem.

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