Stadia’s Direct Touch input system comes to iPhone and iPad

Stadia’s Direct Touch input system comes to iPhone and iPad

What you need to know

Google has announced that Direct Touch support is now available to iOS Stadia users.
Gamers can use touch controls in lieu of a controller when playing supported games.

Only HUMANKIND is supported out the gate, though.

Google has announced that Stadia subscribers can now play at least one game using its fancy new Direct Touch input system. That means that gamers won’t need a controller to play anymore.

Right now the only game that supports Direct Touch is Sega’s HUMANKIND, but you can expect more games to receive support in the future.

Direct touch is the Stadia input method released in August on Android, allowing you to interact directly with a game using your phone’s touchscreen. Now, it’s available for Stadia players on iOS. Direct touch allows players to control the game by tapping, sliding, and pinching the screen. Try it now in HUMANKIND where you can create your own civilization using just your fingers.

Anyone wanting to take the new control scheme for a spin can play HUMANKIND on their iOS device right now while not having a Bluetooth controller connected. Stadia will offer to enable Direct Touch and take gamers through the controls on-screen.

As great as Direct Touch could be in a pinch, there’s no doubt that playing with a controller is still going to yield the best experience. If you want to upgrade your Stadia gaming experience, check out our list of the best game controllers for mobile gaming.

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