Apple Watch Series 7 reviews could be causing pre-order doubts for some

Apple Watch Series 7 reviews could be causing pre-order doubts for some

What you need to know

Early Apple Watch Series 7 reviews have been published
With people’s orders set to arrive in a couple of days, it’s possible some might be re-thinking things.

There were no big surprises in those reviews, but confirmation of an iterative release could put even more people off.

We’re now just a day or so away from Apple Watch Series 7 going on sale with those who were lucky enough to get early pre-orders in set to receive their watches on Friday. But today was all about the arrival of the early reviews — and while there were no huge surprises, there could still be plenty of reason for people to be having a re-think about their new watch.

In the wake of Series 7 leak disappointment, we already knew that this release was always going to be about a few minor improvements here and there. The question was whether those improvements, in the aggregate, would be enough to make the Apple Watch Series 7 purchase a compelling one. And as many had expected, the reviews suggest that anyone with a late-model Apple Watch needn’t rush out to buy this one.

The Verge:

A bigger screen and faster charging are nice, but not reasons to upgrade

Fair point. CNET has another one: those with older models will notice the most significant difference. Of course, this makes sense.

The Apple Watch Series 7 feels more like the “Apple Watch 6S”, but it’s a giant leap if you have an older watch.

Again, little of this is a massive bombshell to anyone who has been paying attention. But that doesn’t mean that people haven’t placed pre-orders in the hope that there’s something more. A hidden gem of a change or improvement that Apple didn’t call out or, perhaps, wouldn’t be recognized fully until in the hands of a reviewer. That doesn’t seem to have been the case here, unfortunately. Apple Watch Series 7 is the minor upgrade that we expected it to be, with the possible exception of that larger display.

I have a 45mm watch on its way this Friday, and I’m upgrading from a 44mm Apple Watch Series 7. My sole reason for the upgrade — pretty much, at least — is the extra screen space that I hope the growth will afford: that and the new keyboard situation.

Given the lack of fawning I’ve seen over the new size increase, I have my concerns. However, I won’t be canceling my order — it’s too late, anyway. A little birdie who’s spent a few days with one of the new watches tells me that the size difference is noticeable and that it makes everything more comfortable to use at arm’s length. That’s enough for me to continue to be intrigued.

Come Friday, I’ll make up my mind. And that’s when I decide what I’ll be packing up to send to Apple. My old Apple Watch Series 5, or a shiny new Apple Watch Series 7. The two-year-old watch, or the best Apple Watch ever made.

Knowing me, I suspect it’ll be the former!

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