COVID-19 Self-Test Kits Will Soon Be Sold In Supermarkets

COVID-19 Self-Test Kits Will Soon Be Sold In Supermarkets

Supermarkets and chain stores will soon be allowed to sell COVID-19 RTK Antigen self-test kits, according to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi.

The self-test kits are currently only allowed to be sold to registered community pharmacies and health facilities nationwide. “Making these self-test kits available at selected supermarkets and chain stores will make it easier for the public to purchase them,” said the minister.

Nanta says that his ministry and the Ministry of Health are in the final stages of discussions on the matter and that they are still in talks with industry players about a new ceiling price. The kits are currently capped at a price of RM16 for wholesale and RM19.90 for consumers.

Last week, KPDNHEP announced that a new ceiling price would be announced by November while the decision to allow the tests to be sold in supermarkets would be implemented by the end of October. However, the ministry previously said on 25 September that the revised ceiling price, as well as supermarket sales, would be announced by the end of September before schools reopened, which has come and gone.

While it’s only been three months since COVID-19 self-test kits have been allowed to be sold to the general public, there are already 35 brands that have been approved by the Medical Device Authority, with the list quickly growing. With travel restrictions being lifted, Malaysians are strongly advised to regularly test themselves.

A quick check at major pharmacy chains such as Guardian and Big Pharmacy show that there are several brands of the kits being sold at well below the ceiling price.

(Source: The Vibes // Images: Alex Koch/Pexels, Neopharma via Facebook)

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