Not sold on Philips Hue light strips? Try these awesome alternatives!

Not sold on Philips Hue light strips? Try these awesome alternatives!

The Philips Hue line can give you everything you need with some of the best smart light bulbs, lamps, and accent lighting, but there’s one place where it has some serious competition — light strips. Today, tons of Philips Hue light strip alternatives cost less while still offering the same colors and smart controls through HomeKit, Alexa and Google. If you’re looking to save while adding smart lighting to your home, check out these excellent Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives.

Best overall

LIFX 80-inch Color Zones Lightstrip

Staff Favorite

The LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip is easily the best choice for the best Philips Hue alternative. This 6.6-foot light strip has 16 individual zones, so instead of a single accent color, you can paint your walls with multiple colors at once, creating all kinds of fun looks. The LIFX Lightstrip works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant; plus, it cranks out up to 1,400 lumens of brightness.

$90 at Amazon$90 at Best Buy$90 at Home Depot

Thready to go

Nanoleaf Essentials 80-inch – 2M Lightstrip Starter Kit

Nanoleaf’s Essentials Lightstrip supports Bluetooth and the latest wireless connectivity standard — Thread, which offers blazing fast response times if you have a HomePod mini or the newest Apple TV in your home. The Essentials strip is also extremely bright with the ability to produce up to 2,200 lumens of colorful lighting, and it works with HomeKit Adaptive Lighting and the Google Assistant.

$50 at Amazon$50 at Best Buy$50 at Apple

Immersive experience

Govee Immersion TV LED Backlights – RGBIC Ambient

Govee Immersion TV LED Backlights offer a unique light strip and camera combination that creates a truly immersive lighting experience. The included camera captures the colors directly from your TV or monitor and recreates the look throughout the light strip with multiple color zones. Govee’s strip even has a built-in microphone, so it also works great for keeping your music in sync.

$83 at Amazon$97 at Walmart

Adaptive lighting

Eve Light Strip – Apple HomeKit Smart Home LED Lights Strip

The HomeKit-exclusive Eve Light Strip puts your home’s lighting on auto-pilot with support for HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. HomeKit Adaptive Lighting automatically adjusts color temperature throughout the day to promote focus during the afternoon with bright white light and rest in the evening with softer yellow tones. Eve’s strip also is plenty bright at 1,800 lumens, and it provides millions of fun colors.

$80 at Amazon $80 at Best Buy$80 at Walmart

Bright and colorful

Onvis Smart LED Light Strips Works with Apple HomeKit Siri

Like the LIFX Lightsrip, the Onvis K1 strip supports the ability to display multiple colors at once through addressable zones. Color zones allow the light strip to put on a show with tons of preset special effects that automatically cycle colors through the Onvis app, and with paint mode, you can add the perfect splash of color to suit your mood or decor.

$50 at Amazon


Smart LED Strip Lights Works with Apple HomeKit – 32-foot

The meross Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip includes two colorful 16.4 foot LED strips in the box that work alone or together to create impressive light displays. It isn’t all just about the length, though, as the meross light strip still matches others with millions of colors, as well as voice controls over Wi-Fi through HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

$49 at Amazon$64 at Walmart

Add some color with the best Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives

While it may be the most familiar name in smart lighting, there are plenty of Philips Hue Light Strip alternatives that are not only cheaper and just as capable, but some even go above and beyond with music detection and dynamic colors. The LIFX Lightstrip easily bests the Philips Hue strip with 16 color zones and higher maximum brightness levels. While its price is slightly higher, you will save a little without having to shell out for a separate hub.

If you’re looking for a brighter smart alternative, then check out the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip. This light strip can output a whopping 2,200 lumens of colorful lighting; plus, it works with HomeKit Adaptive Lighting and the Google Assistant. Nanoleaf’s strip also packs in Thread wireless capabilities when paired with a HomePod mini or the latest Apple TV 4K, offering faster and more reliable connections over Bluetooth. Regardless of which option you go with, smart LED light strips will allow you to light your home your way.

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