PS5 gamers should soon be able to listen to Apple Music on their console

PS5 gamers should soon be able to listen to Apple Music on their console

What you need to know

An Apple Music app has begun to appear when creating a new PS5 account.
The app can’t be used, suggesting Sony is still testing things out.

The app’s already being offered, but nobody can use it.

It would appear that Apple Music is coming to the PS5, although it isn’t immediately obvious when. Some people have noticed that the app is offered to them when they create a new US-based PS5 account, but it can’t actually be installed.

Initially posted to Reddit and spotted by Eurogamer, it appears that the app is only mentioned some times. Creating a new account did make the Apple Music app appear for Eurogamer, but only once — it couldn’t be repeated.

To verify the image, I tried to get the Apple Music prompt on my main (UK) account without success – but then I created a new account with its region set to the US and did get the prompt. (However, I was then unable to reproduce it, leading me to believe Sony is currently testing the feature out before it is publicly deployed.)

Apple Music is already available on multiple platforms and it makes tons of sense that it would also come to PS5. While listening to music through a TV might not be the best experience in the world, it could be a real benefit to people who have speakers and whatnot configured for gaming.

You can already use Apple Music on Xbox consoles, of course. but you’ll need to jump through some hoops. Similar hacks can be used on Playstations as well, but there’s no doubt that a real, official app would be the best way to go.

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