Baste meat and veggies for delicious flavor with GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools

Baste meat and veggies for delicious flavor with GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools

Cooking is about to get a whole lot easier, and food is about to get more flavorsome with these GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools. If you’re the go-to barbecue chef, you’ll appreciate how utensils and accessories can make a huge difference to not only the quality of your food but the cooking process, too.

It’s time to upgrade your grill tools to prepare tantalizingly delicious flavors with sauces that seep into meat fibers and veggies. Unlock your inner chef and impress guests at the next barbecue you host with these must-have accessories.

GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools presented in a video

Baste to perfection with these the GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools

You’ve spent a hot minute in the kitchen perfecting your basting sauce for it to turn out a disappointment once you’ve grilled meat, poultry, or veggies. There’s no denying that your marinade is succulent, so why aren’t you satisfied with the results? More than often, this can be down to the application process and, more importantly, the quality of the tools you use. If your ingredients aren’t able to soak up your secret recipe, you can be left with a flavorless mouthful or a dry disappointment.

The tools you’ll receive with GrillSpec—the Tomahaük Ultimate Sauce Delivery System and the Viper Grill Utility Knife—can unlock flavors and revolutionize the texture of food. In the package, you’ll receive everything you need for an evenly distributed pour and application. This includes a large basting spoon, a silicone brush, a natural Boar Bristle Brush, a cotton mop, and the 40-ounce Tomahaük (sauce bowl) with a removable handle.

Using this grill kit is simple. Begin by adding up to 40 ounces of your sauce to the Tomahaük (the liquid measurements embossed on the inside cup will guide you). Add the Mop Brush to the Tomahaük, and use the attached ladle to control the amount of sauce over the mop while you baste. And, when you’ve finished grilling, this set’s compact design fits together to take up minimal space in your kitchen cupboard.

Tomahaük Ultimate Sauce Delivery System and the Viper Knife

Get all the control you need when prepping food

The Tomahaük Ultimate Sauce Delivery System includes a Boar Bristle Brush for basting medium-zie proteins. Or switch to the Silicone Brush to delicately baste smaller proteins. You can also use this smaller brush for applying thicker sauces with precision and no waste. This selection is great if you’re hosting to a mixture of vegans and omnivores.

GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools in use

Receive a knife that does it all

We previously mentioned that you’ll also receive the Viper Grill Utility Knife. There’s something special about this utensil, and that’s its four-in-one design, which replaces the need for multiple utensils. Combining a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a turning fork, and a bottle opener, it’s the perfect grill accessory.

Designed from high-carbon stainless steel, it’s sharp enough to cut through tough proteins, fruit, and veggies. Switch it to the other side to use the serrated edges for slicing rolls, loaves, and baguettes. This type of edge also works well with waxy fruits with a soft interior for a precise cut. Furthermore, the Viper Grill Utility Knife even boasts a turning fork on the tip for flipping food on the grill. Once you’ve prepped food, store it in the included case for added safety.

Overall, the GrillSpec multifunctional grill tools enable you to take pride in your food. It’s now available to preorder on Kickstarter for $25. What are your go-to grilling accessories? Let us know in the comments.

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