Redkey F10: the magical vacuum cleaner you don’t want to miss this Black Friday

Redkey F10: the magical vacuum cleaner you don’t want to miss this Black Friday

Too much dust in your home equates to lots of bacteria growth, which can lead to compromised immunity. Today, we’ll recommend a foldable, cordless vacuum cleaner—the Redkey F10 vacuum—that boasts a three-layer HEPA filter to block large particles of dust, hair, etc., making it suitable for people with allergies while keeping your home clean.

Its innovative foldable design can clean under furniture. It also automatically adjusts the suction level based on the amount of dust, thoroughly cleaning floors. And, best of all, the Redkey F10 is available with $30 off during the Double Eleven festival and Black Friday sales this year. Let’s discover some of the key features that make it a must-have.

The Redkey F10 is compatible with all floor types

Reach under furniture without switching accessories

Remember when you knelt and bent over to clean under the bed and other furniture? You know how you gave up altogether after a few tries?

The Redkey F10 features a foldable extension rod to make it easier to clean hard-to-reach spots, and there’s no need to change the accessories. With a light press, you can fold it up and flexibly rotate it from 0º to 90°. So it can easily navigate under low furniture.

Moreover, the folding design allows you to easily clean the bottom of the bed and sofa without bending over. As a result, it protects your back while you clean.

The LED lights help you locate dust, dirt, and hair

Enjoy smart dust-sensing technology and 23,000 pa suction power

The Redkey F10 has a smart sensing system that detects the density and size of the dust particles it comes across. It then adjusts the suction level accordingly for optimal cleaning.

For less demanding tasks, for example, this vacuum cleaner will switch to the mid or low level. This helps reduce its noise level and prolong its runtime. Furthermore, the smart suction management system significantly extends the Redkey F10’s service life.

And its brush head is equipped with a dust refraction LED light, which is used to check the ground cleaning situation, monitor leaks, and completely eliminate all health-threatening dust.

Additionally, the Redkey F10’s 400-watt motor generates suction of up to 23,000 pa. It also boasts 5 suction levels to accommodate your cleaning needs.

This vacuum cleaner features 5 suction levels

Get protection from fine dust with 3-stage filtration

Redkey F10 has a 3-stage filtration system to keep the air duct unobstructed. The outlet HEPA filter, in particular, can capture 99.99% of fine particles as small as 0.3 microns to prevent secondary pollution that affects your health. So you can use it for pets and people with allergies.

Its tiltable head reaches under furniture

Clean up to 200 square meters on a single charge

The main conundrum with wireless vacuum cleaners is their poor battery life. However, the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner provides 60 minutes of runtime, enabling you to clean up to 200 square meters on a single charge.

This generous battery life is all thanks to its large-capacity 2,500 mAh Samsung battery. Best of all, it’s removable for easy replacement.

Overall, you can snatch the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner from Amazon for a discounted price of $159 (with a $30 discount). Make cleaning more efficient with this high-powered vacuum cleaner that has a foldable cleaning tool and powerful motor.

What are some ways you keep on top of your household chores? Share your tips in the comments.

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