Stop your AirPods Pro from hurting your ears for less than $9

Stop your AirPods Pro from hurting your ears for less than $9

We love the AirPods Pro, the combination of great active noise cancelation (ANC) and Apple-specific features such as Hey, Siri support, make them a fantastic pair of wireless earbuds for Apple fans; however, they aren’t perfect for everyone.

Even though the AirPods Pro comes with different size silicone ear tips, for many people, the silicone ear tips are hard to wear for hours on end without hurting your ears. For others, they just don’t fit the shape of their ears properly, so the earbuds fall out of their ears too often. Both of these problems can be loved by getting memory foam ear tips for your AirPods Pro, and right now, you can get some for only $8.49 at Amazon.

Stop your AirPods Pro from hurting your ears for less than $9

ABAZAR memory foam tips for AirPods Pro V 3.0

With multiple different sizes to choose from, these memory foam tips for your AirPods Pro are guaranteed to provide a secure and comfortable fit so that you can keep your earbuds in your ears all day long.

$8.49 at Amazon

Memory foam tips are so much more comfortable than silicone ear tips because they are made from a much softer material and can better conform to the shape of your ear precisely. The memory foam will mold to the shape of your ear, which should reduce the pressure it places inside your ear canal, meaning you shouldn’t feel sore anymore. Plus, the ABAZAR memory foam tips come in three different sizes to ensure you get the most secure and comfortable fit possible.

We’ve seen some great Black Friday AirPods deals so far this year, and if you want to make the most out of that new set of AirPods Pro, the ABAZAR memory foam tips are perfect. Stop suffering in silence and jump on this Black Friday deal so you can save your ears and save your money.

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