Here’s where you might find a deal on the new iPad mini 6 this Black Friday

Here’s where you might find a deal on the new iPad mini 6 this Black Friday

The iPad mini 6 was only released a few short months ago and has quickly become the favorite small tablet of all of us here at iMore. It’s improved in every metric over its predecessor, except its price, which is why looking out for a Black Friday deal is a great way to save money. We’ve been tracking the price of the iPad mini 6 and haven’t seen any significant discounts yet; however, we’re hoping that with Black Friday just around the corner for some retailers to surprise us.

At its regular price, the iPad mini 6 will cost you $499 for the 64GB model and $649 for the 256GB model. That $150 difference between the two models is pretty large, but 64GB is a pretty small storage limit if you use your iPad mini 6 a ton. And, while it is more expensive than the iPad mini 5 that came before it, it’s also vastly improved. The all-new look of the iPad mini 6 is the first thing you’ll notice; with the reduced bezels around the screen and no Home button to speak off, it’s clear a stunning little tablet. Plus, with the A15 Bionic powering the whole thing, it’s beyond powerful, making it the ultimate device for portability and power. It’s clearly the best iPad for small tablet lovers.

At the time of writing, we haven’t seen any deals on the iPad mini 6 that are going to knock your socks off. In fact, most of the prices in the US seem to be full price right now. This is a new product, and newer Apple products have a history of not always going on sale, even during Black Friday, but we’re hoping some will show up soon. Since the price history hasn’t changed much, it means pretty much any discount you can find on the iPad mini 6 will be a good one this year.

When are the Black Friday iPad mini 6 deals?

Black Friday deals have already begun, and we’ve seen some great Apple Black Friday deals already pop up on several products. The entire weekend, all the way through to Cyber Monday, is expected to be chock-full of deals for Apple products, and we’re hoping the iPad mini 6 is on that list.

Where will the best Black Friday iPad mini 6 deals be?

Whether you’re looking for the lowest prices on the 64GB iPad mini 6 or the 256GB model, you don’t have to look much further than right here. As we said before, we haven’t spotted any deals yet, but here are the retailers you should watch like a hawk for the next couple of weeks to see if that changes.

Amazon: The best place to look
Best Buy: Sometime offers free add-ons like Apple Music or apple TV+ with purchase
B&H: Can offer smaller deals. Had a small but brief discount on the iPad mini 6 last week

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