Save up to 54% on these gorgeous tech21 iPhone 12 series cases

Save up to 54% on these gorgeous tech21 iPhone 12 series cases

When you own a flagship device like one of the iPhone 12 series of handsets, keeping it in pristine condition is a high priority. Unfortunately, actually doing that isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. The folks at tech21 make some great cases that are designed to help us out, and you can save up to 42% on some of them today.

We are, of course, in the midst of Black Friday shenanigans which means there are more deals floating around than any right-minded person would know what to do with. But keeping an iPhone safe is a priority for all of us, and saving some money while we do it is a win-win. Not only do we not have to pay to fix a broken iPhone, but we get to save some cash, too.

Whether it’s a bright yellow iPhone 12 case or a mode subdued iPhone 12 Pro Max case that you’re looking for — one of these cases should do the trick!

Bargain protection

tech21 Evo Check iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 case — Luminous Yellow | 28% off

The color might not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, this is the brightest case you’re likely to find. It’s also good for 12ft of impact protection and is a non-slip case that will ensure your pride and joy doesn’t go flying off the table at every opportunity.

$23.51 at Amazon

tech21 Evo Check iPhone 12 Pro Max case — Midnight Green | 42% off

People with massive iPhones need massive hands — or an iPhone case that will do the job when they inevitably drop that big slab of glass. This case is good for up to 12 feet of falling, and it’s a rather fetching shade of green. What more do you need?

$23.09 at Amazon

tech21 Evo Check iPhone 12 Pro Max case — Luminous Yellow | 35% off

Looking to protect that massive iPhone 12 Pro Max while still making a statement? This luminous yellow tech21 case definitely does both of those things and then some. The self-cleaning case is designed to make sure your iPhone is clean every time you pick it up.

$26.16 at Amazon

tech21 Evo Check iPhone 12 Pro Max case — Mystical Fuchsia | 54% off

Looking for iPhone 12 Pro Max protection with a much more purple vibe? You just found it — and with a massive 54% discount!

$18.49 at Amazon

tech21 Evo Check iPhone 12 mini case — Luminous Pink | 55% off

Small iPhones don’t mean boring iPhone cases. This bright — very bright — pink case is going to be the talk of the town. It’ll probably light a few of them up, too!

$4.49 at Amazon

Apple might offer its iPhones in some cool colors, but anyone who wants something that truly stands out is going to need to get their hands on a case. These tech21 cases are among the most colorful you’re ever likely to find and today, they’re at the best prices you’re likely to find as well.

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