Ditch the dongle and get these $10 Lightning earbuds for Black Friday

Ditch the dongle and get these $10 Lightning earbuds for Black Friday

If you’ve perused the best Black Friday iPhone deals, then you know that iPhones don’t come with headphone jacks anymore. That means if you want to use a pair of wired earbuds, you have to use a pair that can connect to via the Lightning port or buy an adapter. So, why not get a great pair of Lightning earbuds for only $10 this Black Friday.

The popularity of Bluetooth earbuds has made Lightning earbuds a little hard to come to buy, but they certainly have their uses. If you’re traveling or commuting and don’t want to bring your expensive over-the-ear headphones or are just looking for something cheap to toss in your ear as you go for a walk, Lightning earbuds are a handy thing to have around.

These $10 Lightning earbuds are great for travel

Silbyloyoe MFi certified Lightning earbuds

These Lightning earbuds are MFi certified, so the inline controls will work great with your iPhone. Plus, the silicone tips let you get a snug and secure fit.

$10.19 at Amazon

The silicone tips really put these earbuds above Apple’s own EarPods because they will fit inside your ear much more securely. They come with multiple tips, so you can find the tips that fit your ears the best.

A secure fit isn’t the only benefit to silicone ear tips; they also help keep unwanted noise out of your ears. This allows you to hear your music or podcasts more clearly and provides better sound isolation when you’re trying to focus on your tunes.

Lastly, because Silbyloyoe are MFi certified, the inline controls will help you adjust the volume, summon Siri, and control playback. That means you don’t have to reach out of your pocket to pull out your iPhone every time you want to change the song.

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