Uncharted 4 May Not Have Multiplayer On PC, PS5

Uncharted 4 May Not Have Multiplayer On PC, PS5

It was revealed back in May that Sony Interactive Entertainment planned to porting Uncharted 4 to PC, with an enhanced PS5 version in tow. This was then confirmed in September with the Legacy of Thieves collection, announced in September. It appears that the new version of the game was not yet rated back then. And now that it has, the rating has revealed that the game will not have its multiplayer component.

VGC reports that the US ESRB has rated the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection will have “No Interactive Elements”. Which includes online features, and the ability to players to interact with one another. No word on why this component is being done, though one can imagine that, while fun, the modes do feel like they were tacked on to cross out a few items off of a checklist.

Source: PlayStation.

After all, the appeal of the Uncharted series was always its compelling story. There have been gameplay improvements over the course of the series, but they mainly serve to make the story ride smoother.

For now, there’s still no release date for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, beyond its early 2022 window. Though it is possible that the PS5 version which is supposed to come first will release at the same time as the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland.

(Source: ESRB via VGC)

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