PSB Bukit Kota candidate questions delayed construction of Limbang-Miri road

PSB Bukit Kota candidate questions delayed construction of Limbang-Miri road

LIMBANG, Dec 9 — Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) candidate for Bukit Kota, Rosli Amat, is questioning the will of Gabungan Parti Sarawak when it was in power to build a road from Limbang to Miri bypassing Brunei because the project has been delayed.

He said the completion of the road should have been given priority as the people here are facing the hassle of cross-border checks passing through Brunei to go to Miri.

The delay caused by the immigration checks created much difficulty for the travellers especially for those seeking urgent medical treatment and as a result, many residents here have to rely on air transport either from Limbang to Miri or to Kuching which is expensive, he added.

“PSB Bukit Kota has received many complaints from the people of Limbang who faced difficulties to make cross-border travel especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The people of Limbang desperately need the road from Limbang to Miri without going through Brunei and this project should be built immediately to solve the difficulties of the people in the northern region who want to travel by land,” he said.

He also brought up the delay in the construction of the road from Hulu Tubai to Mentawai which would connect the people here to Mulu and Miri without going through Brunei.

Rosli said the projects under the Northern Region Development Agency (NRDA) should have been closely monitored to avoid any delay in their completion.

“It is learned that the project which is highly anticipated by the people should be completed in early January next year. However, from the feedback that we received, we found that this road not only experienced serious delays but is poorly supervised.”

Rosli added the issue of expensive fares for flights to and from Limbang should be addressed urgently and there is also a need to upgrade Limbang Hospital to a specialist hospital.

“We will also focus on the issue of unsatisfactory internet access in the rural areas specifically in Bukit Kota.

“The cases of rural students having to study at a foothill and utilising lorries as mobile classes, which has gone viral in the social media, occurred due to the lack of internet access.

“All these should have been addressed by the previous (GPS) government,” he added.

Rosli, 57, is among three candidates facing GPS incumbent Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail, 58, for the Bukit Kota seat.

The other candidates are Lim Lian Hun, 70, of Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) and Independent candidate Herun Bungsu, 66. — Borneo Post

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