ONANOFF x Disney StoryPhones storytelling headphones provide curated, screen-free fun

Give your kids hours of screen-free fun with the ONANOFF x Disney StoryPhones Kids storytelling headphones. These child-friendly headphones bring favorite Disney stories to life with audio alone. That way, your child to use their imagination as the story progress. Even better, these headphones don’t need to connect to any other device thanks to their StoryShield discs. Simply pop one into the StoryPhones to download a tale into the device. Meanwhile, each story is suitable for children aged 3 and over. So you can relax knowing they’re listing to high-quality storytelling. What’s more, your family can also record stories through the mobile app and share them with friends and relatives anywhere. Moreover, the ZenShield helps overstimulated kids relax and even promotes sleep with calming audio profiles. Finally, this gadget promotes literacy and aids comprehension through context, helping kids decode word meanings independently.

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