These are the best rowing machines for Apple Fitness Plus

These are the best rowing machines for Apple Fitness Plus

Rowing is one of the class options on Apple Fitness+. It’s a full-body, low-impact workout for people of all levels. Track your progress with Apple Watch as you burn calories, build endurance, and get fit with the best rowing machines for Apple Fitness+.

Apple’s recommendation

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

Staff Pick

The Life Fitness Row HX Trainer is the only rowing machine featured on the Apple Fitness+ website. It has a natural wood and steel-tempered frame, and it features four resistance levels. It’s about seven feet long and easily storable.

$1,592 at Amazon
$1,699 at Life Fitness

Runner up

Concept2 Model D – Rowing machine

The highly-rated Concept2 Model D engages all major muscles groups with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion. You’ll get real-time performance stats and can connect to heart rate monitors and fitness apps (like Apple Fitness+) to log your progress.

$1022 at Amazon

Great value

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801

The Sunny Fitness SF-RW5801 is a great pick if you’re on a budget. It features 16 adjustable resistance levels, transportation wheels for mobility, a bottle and device holder, and a non-slip pedal with an adjustable strap.

$220 at Amazon
$206 at Walmart

Budget pick

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This budget-friendly rower provides a full range of motion that mimics being on the water. It features a multi-function electric monitor to display your stats, a comfortable molded seat, and adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance for a smooth ride. Foldable arms make for compact storage, and textured footplates keep your feet secure and in place.

$169 at Amazon
$169 at Walmart

Multiple finishes

Battife Rowing Machine

This solid wood design comes in multiple finishes to match your home. It’s made of oak wood and equipped with a Bluetooth monitor and iPhone holder to track all your stats. The quiet sound of rushing water delivers a realistic rowing experience.

From $569 at Amazon

Build endurance

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine

This rowing machine pairs with the MyCloudFitness App (available on IOS and Android) to track your distance, calories, total count, and strokes per minute for free. It features a nylon belt drive system and up to 14 levels of resistance to accommodate rowers of all levels.

$298 at Amazon
$298 at Walmart

Easy storage

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Rowing Machine

The Circuit Fitness rower folds up for storage, which is an excellent choice if you’re short on space. It features an LCD panel to measure your progress, foam-covered handlebars for a non-slip grip, and adjustable foot straps.

$446 at Amazon

No frills rowing

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205

This is a great budget row machine for those interested in diving into the sport. It’s inexpensive, has 12 levels of resistance, a digital monitor, and adjustable petal straps.

$84 at Amazon
$85 at Walmart

Water resistance

Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine

The Phantom Hydro water tank holds water at a 60-degree angle with 16 hydro blades that provide resistance. Monitor your stats with a swivel display that shows track time, distance, strokes, total strokes, strokes per minute, time, calories, pulse, date, temperature, and clock. An upright foldable design makes for easy storage.

$541 at Amazon
$541 at Walmart

Captain, my captain

Mr. Captain Water Rowing Machine

The shape of this rowing machine was designed like a real ship. Water-resistance creates the feel of an authentic rowing experience. It’s equipped with a Bluetooth monitor to help manage your time and accomplish your goals. It features an ergonomic seat, an active recoil system, and height-adjustable footplates with straps.

$600 at Amazon

Wind resistance

Air Rower Stamina ATS

The Stamina ATS Air Rower uses wind resistance to provide an efficient, smooth rowing stroke. A multi-function monitor displays speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It features an upholstered, padded, sliding seat and durable construction that’s built to last.

$339 at Amazon

Join the club

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

This handcrafted rowing machine features a water flywheel that replicates the actual rowing feel. The flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank to provide smooth, quiet, self-regulated resistance. It has a performance monitor that tracks basic stats and can be stored upright.

$1160 at Amazon

Row row row…

Rowing is one of the excellent class offerings on Apple Fitness+. It uses up to 86% of your muscles and provides a high-calorie-burning, low-impact workout. Row your way into shape with one of the best rowing machines for Apple Fitness+.

We love Life Fitness Row HX Trainer because it’s Apple’s recommended rower. It features a natural wood and tempered steel frame giving it a nice aesthetic. It offers four levels of resistance, and easy adjustments accommodate users of all levels. Its unique, resistance system delivers a smooth and natural feel with every stroke.

If you’re looking for a great value, check out the Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine. This budget-friendly rower gives full range of motion providing that authentic on-the-water feeling. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, these are the best rowing machines for Apple Fitness+.

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