Three cops held for alleged extortion

Three cops held for alleged extortion

KUALA LUMPUR: Three policemen were arrested yesterday for allegedly extorting cash from a car salesman at Persiaran Pandan Prima here on Tuesday.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Mohamad Farouk Eshak said today that the 30-year-old salesman was driving at about 11.30am when he was flagged down by two uniformed policemen from the Ampang police motorcycle patrol unit.

He said as the policemen carried out checks, one of them scrutinised the victim’s cellphone before allegedly accusing him of committing an offence of having a prohibited document in his phone.

“The policemen allegedly demanded for cash to settle the matter. Out of fear, the victim handed over some cash and transferred more to a bank account of a man through an online transaction,“ Mohamad Farouk said.

It is believed that the victim lodged a police report.

Mohamad Farouk said both suspects and a third policeman involved in the case were arrested on Wednesday at 2pm.

“Investigations showed that the suspects would ride their motorcycles to seek out victims before extorting cash by threatening to arrest them. We are on the lookout for other suspects who are involved in the case especially the bank account holder the victim had transferred his cash to. Interrogations of the suspects are also ongoing to ascertain their involvement in other similar cases,“ he said.

He said the policemen who are aged 36, 40 and 44 are from the Ampang Jaya police station.

Mohamad Farouk said the men who had served the police force for over 10 years did not have any past records for disciplinary problems or drug abuse.

He said the men were remanded for four days from today for investigations

“We urge those who have had such encounters with the police to come forward and lodge reports. Ampang Jaya police will not compromise on crimes committed by any police personnel, rank-and-file or officers. We will be fair in carrying out our investigations and prosecute all those involved,“ Mohamad Farouk said.

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