Hackaday Podcast 151: The Hackiest VR Glove, Plotting Boba Fett with Shoelaces, ECU Hacking, and Where Does Ammonia Come From?

Hackaday Podcast 151: The Hackiest VR Glove, Plotting Boba Fett with Shoelaces, ECU Hacking, and Where Does Ammonia Come From?

Hackaday Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Managing Editor Tom Nardi are back again to talk about all the weird and wonderful stories from our corner of the tech world. Canon had to temporarily give up on chipping their ink cartridges due to part shortages, and that’s just too perfect to ignore. There’s also some good news for the International Space Station as the White House signals they’re ready to support the orbiting outpost until 2030.

We’ll also look at an extremely promising project to deliver haptic feedback for VR, programming bare-metal x86 with the Arduino IDE, and the incredible reverse engineering involved in adding a DIY autonomous driving system to a 2010 Volkswagen Golf. Finally we’ll find out why most of the human life on this planet depends on a process that many people have never heard of, and learn about the long history of making cars heavier than they need to be.

Take a look at the links below if you want to follow along, and as always, tell us what you think about this episode in the comments!

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Episode 151 Show Notes:

News This Week:

ISS 2030: NASA Extends Operations of the International Space Station – YouTube
Canon Temporarily Abandons Smart Ink Cartridges

What’s that Sound?

Last week’s sound was an “electro-mechanical thumb stabber” — an industrial sewing machine.  Congrats, Alex Dickman!

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Low Cost Haptic VR Gloves Work With Hacked Steam Games

GitHub – LucidVR/opengloves-driver: An OpenVR Driver for VR Gloves

Arduino IDE Creates Bootable X86 Floppy Disks
Servo Plotter Needs Nothing Exotic

GitHub – SonarSonic/DrawingBotV3: Open source software for converting images to line drawings
Lack Of Space Is No Longer An Excuse For Not Having A Pen Plotter
RC Keith’s Foam Cutter also uses drawer slides to good effect.

3D Printed Sensor For Finding Wind Direction And Likely Much More
Baby Steps Toward DIY Autonomous Driving: VW Golf Edition

GitHub – commaai/openpilot: An open source driver assistance system.

This Little Minecraft Mine Cart Of Mine

CCCamp: 5,000 Hackers Out Standing in Their Field — [Sebi]’s rail hammock was the one I was thinking of.

Quick Hacks:

Elliot’s Picks:

HitClips Custom Cartridge Hack Will Never Give Up, Let Down, Or Turn Around
$7 Tent Heater Provides Comfort On A Budget
The Atari Punk Console, Now With More Vacuum Tubes

Tom’s Picks:

Digital Rain Animation Crammed Into Pi Pico
Honda Ignition Coils Sing The Song Of Their People
Reusable Booster Rockets, Asian Roundup

Can’t-Miss Articles:

Haber-Bosch And The Greening Of Ammonia Production
Does This Lead Make My Car Look Fat?

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