Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards are crazy-fast with incredible longevity and tons of storage

Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards are crazy-fast with incredible longevity and tons of storage

Many gadgets come with internal memory and storage that you can’t expand without cloud support. Other gadgets include the ability to use memory cards. If you own one of these devices–be that a drone or dashcam, or photography camera–you’ve probably found yourself seeking a decent microSD card that best accommodates it. You’ll appreciate Samsung’s latest offering in the memory card space. The new line of Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards is everything you need. Let’s check it out!

Pro Endurance cards are effective for many kinds of devices

Features competitive longevity that goes the extra mile

The Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards immediately focus on the things that matter. The NAND flash memory they use can deliver as many as 140,160 hours of continuous use, or in a simpler measurement, up to 16 years. This is specific to the largest capacity variant available, but it only means the smaller ones will also have efficient longevity. After all, Samsung’s last line of cards only got around 5 years of life in comparison. We say this is a pretty big win.

Provides enhanced durability for devices that need it

If the gadgets you intend to use the Pro Endurance microSD cards with require something a little more rugged and durable, don’t sweat it. The cards feature six-proof durability with protection against everything from water and temperature to x-rays and magnets. Not only that, but they’re also wear out and drop-proof too. You won’t have to worry about them holding up to a little abuse in the field.

Samsung’s Pro Endurance microSD cards in multiple capacities

Offers sufficient storage and performance capabilities

Of course, what’s a memory card without decent storage capacity and acceptable performance? Samsung’s Pro Endurance microSD cards support full HD 4K content with a Class 10 rating and read/write speeds of up to 100 MB/s. Video speeds include UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30). That’s pretty dang good when it comes to speedy handling of high-resolution content.

The new microSD cards come in 32, 64, 128, and 256 GB storage capacities. They even offer 2 to 5-year warranties as well.

The new Pro Endurance cards support full HD 4K video

A step up in microSD card endurance that’s worth the upgrade

Anyone happy with the performance of their existing memory cards shouldn’t feel a sudden need to replace them. However, if you’re unsatisfied with what you already have or recently purchased a gadget you require a new card for, these are worth buying. They’re super-fast, offer plenty of storage, and will last a very long time. Add the extra durability, and you’ve got a winner for your drone, security camera, or other devices.

You can get the Samsung Pro Endurance microSD cards here, starting at $8.99.

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