The P4 modular wireless charging station’s InstaCharge technology charges from 0%–50% in under 5 minutes.

The P4 modular wireless charging station’s InstaCharge technology charges from 0%–50% in under 5 minutes.

Power your devices anytime, anywhere with the P4 wireless power bank. This modular wireless charging station consists of 3 parts: the Hub, the Plug, and the Mobile. Depending on your needs, you can use each piece separately or together.

Last month, InfinaCore unveiled its flagship product, the P4. “It’s like a spaceship turned into a power bank,” says one customer. Two main features make this product unique: InstaCharge technology and magnetic joints. Let’s learn more about these and the other features below.

P4 in different setups

Get superfast charging with InstaCharge technology

We all want super-fast charging for our devices. Luckily, with the P4’s InstaCharge (IC) technology, you can power your devices faster than ever. IC tech allows for speedy wireless charging between the P4’s 2 batteries.

This means the P4 Mobile can charge from 0%–50% in only 4 minutes. It’s a true game changer when it comes to wireless charging.

P4 modules on a backpack

Connect the modules with the magnetic joints

Another of the P4’s most significant features is its magnetic joints. These allow all the modules to connect wirelessly and communicate with one another. This magnetic system gives you multiple setup possibilities since it allows you to connect various P4 parts.

P4 product video

Check out the 3 charging modules

With its InstaCharge technology and magnetic joints, this modular wireless charging station is useful and innovative. Now, let’s have a look at the 3 modules that make it so special.

The Plug

The Plug is a portable A/C charger with up to 30W GaN II capability. It comes with 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A port as well as 2 global adapters (UK and EU), so it’s ideal for your wired charging needs. It attaches magnetically to both the Hub and the Mobile modules.

The Hub

The hub works as a 12,000 mAh power bank with up to 100W GaN compatibility. It also has 15W wireless charging that works with MagSafe and Wally Grip.

That way, it integrates seamlessly with your iPhone and accessories and gives you power anytime you need it. This module also includes 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports as well as a kickstand and RGB power indicator.

The Mobile

Acting as a 6,000 mAh power bank for wireless charging, the Mobile boasts up to 45W GaN II capability and up to 15W wireless charging that works with MagSafe and Wally Grip.

As we mentioned earlier, the Mobile can reach a 50% charge in 4 minutes. That’s quite fast. So, if you wake up in the morning and realize you forgot to charge your phone overnight, a session in this charger will bring your battery up to 50% way before you’re ready to leave.

Charge your devices easily with this charging station

Best of all, this modular wireless charging station is simple to use. Just charge your P4 wireless power bank in a wall outlet and attach your device.

Otherwise, separate the modules and use them independently. Then, you can juice up and stay connected, whenever, wherever.

Have power anywhere with this modular power bank

The P4 ensures you always have power with you. For instance, the Mobile is an excellent choice for outdoor adventurers with its compact design and wireless charging capability. It lets you charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch even if you go on a remote hike.

Furthermore, the Hub offers a sizeable amount of power with both wireless and wired charging capabilities, suiting a range of devices. It’s great for charging larger gadgets, like laptops, on the go.

Accessorize your P4 wireless charger

Meanwhile, with the P4’s magnetic capabilities, you can easily attach accessories in the future. The company lists a wall stabilizer, wire organizer, kickstand, and more as possible upcoming products.

Add juice to your devices in both the UK and EU

Take a lot of overseas trips? You’ll be happy to know that your charging needs will be covered while you travel with the P4’s 2 adapters for the UK and EU.

So yes, you can charge your wireless power banks and keep them in your backpack whether you’re exploring the Italian Riviera or are at a business conference in London. And, of course, it’ll keep you powered at home in the USA, too.

Power your laptop, gaming devices, work gadgets, and more

What really makes this modular wireless power station unique is its versatility. Since it packs so much into one flexible device, it can power your laptop, gaming devices, gadgets for remote work, etc.

It’s ideal for travelers, work-from-homers, gamers, and pretty much anyone who uses devices.

Read our final thoughts

If you’re looking for a better way to charge your devices, consider the P4 wireless power bank. Boasting a unique modular design with fast InstaCharge technology, it’s convenient and portable. Get it to quickly charge everything from your laptop to your AirPods, wherever you happen to be.

Preorder the P4 on Kickstarter for $149. Would you add the P4 to your EDC? Let us know in the comments.

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