PKR polls: Rafizi admits technical problems in some areas

PKR polls: Rafizi admits technical problems in some areas

SEREMBAN: PKR deputy president candidate Rafizi Ramli (pix) today admitted that there were technical problems in several areas during the physical voting for the party election.

He said the matter could cause uneasiness and frustration among PKR members who went out to vote but could not do so due to the problem.

“We do have problems involving the system, such as devices taking too long (to respond) and bug issues. That’s why (the voting process) in some places had to be cancelled or postponed.

“I understand that the JPP (PKR Election Committee) has to manage the election process involving one million people and there are only two months. (However) we hope they can rectify the issue before the voting process in large states such as Selangor begins next week,” he told reporters after attending an Aidilfitri open house here last night.

In this regard, Rafizi said he would write an official letter to the JPP requesting that the matter be resolved immediately.

Yesterday, the media reported that the physical voting process in the Padang Serai division in Kedah had to be postponed after receiving objections due to dissatisfaction as well as technical problems.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said that so far, voter turnout was lower than in the last election, but the matter was already expected as some of them would cast their vote online. – Bernama

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