Three siblings share a passion for teaching

Three siblings share a passion for teaching

PEKAN: “It was not planned, everything was just a coincidence,” said Mohd Muzammil Ab Rahim, 29, a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Seri Terentang, here, when asked about how he and two of his siblings became a teacher.

The youngest to a trader Ab Rahim Kudin, 68, and housewife Manisah Pandi, 63 said he and his brother Saiful Adli, 38, as well as their eldest sister Noor Hasmihan, 43 did not expect that they would one day share the same profession.

Mohd Muzammil who began his career as a teacher in 2017 said after completing the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination, he sent applications to continue his studies at several places, but as it turned out the first offer that he received was from the Institute of Teacher Education (IPG).

“The (career) path at IPG seems easier for me, and Alhamdulillah this year I have been a teacher for five years,“ he told Bernama in an interview in conjunction with Teachers Day which is celebrated annually on May 16.

The Bahasa Melayu teacher said one of the advantages of having the same career as his siblings was, that they could exchange views, especially relating to teaching and learning (PdP).

“My brother-in-law is also a teacher, so when we get together, issues that we usually discuss, besides PdP, are regarding students and schools, we are not short of discussion topics.

“I often ask my sister’s and brother’s opinions because they have more experience in this field,“ he said.

Mohd Muzammil is an active teacher who won the National Level Teacher’s Debate last year and in the same year guided his students in poetry to become the national champion.

When asked about his sister, the recipient of last year’s Excellent Service Award said Noor Hasmihan began her career in 2004 teaching English at SK Sungai Danga, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Mohd Muzammil said he was in the final stage to complete a Master’s degree in Malay Studies, adding that, at the same time, Saiful Adli was working to finish his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in the field of Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Malaya.

Saiful Adli, who is an Islamic Education teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Abdullah, here, said his passion for the education field has driven him to continue his studies.

“Besides that, my wife, a dentist, is also a motivation for me to pursue my studies. I believe with research we can also gain new knowledge and share it with the community,“ he said, adding that he hoped that their parents were proud of their achievements.

Saiful Adli, who is the recipient of the Federal Training Award (HLP) scholarship from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) said one of the challenges he has to face was to maintain the will to complete research writing so that he could graduate within the stipulated period.

“When pursuing our studies at this level, we have to read a lot and have to do it diligently,“ said the father of two, who is continuing his studies on a full-time basis.

The brothers said they hoped that their students could adapt the knowledge they learnt in school in their everyday life even after they have finished schooling.-Bernama

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